I just received the most wonderful review for my CD Walk in the Sun!!  Written by Michael Debbage who works along side Kathy Parsons of MainlyPiano.com The reviewer has said " I am sure it will end up in my Top 15 of 2006." 
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Just Plain Folks
2006 Music Awards

My song Peaceful Path (from the CD Walk in the Sun)
     just won 2nd place for BEST INSTRUMENTAL SONG!

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Instrumental Song Winners

The independent short film "With Honors Denied"  features the music from my album, Still Point, and was accepted for screening at the Tribeca Film Festival in May 2003 in New York City. I am told Tribeca is in the top five, right along with Sundance and Cannes, as one of the most influential festivals in the world!  It continues to win awards and is receiving rave reviews!  The film has already been shown and won an award at the Maui Film Festival, and I know Rob Reiner saw the film.

About the Movie  ||  Movie Credits

FIRST PLACE #1 Award Winner at the Just Plain Folks Awards 2002
        for Best Instrumental Album: Open Sky
for Best Instrumental Song:
Setting Sail
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The Pacific Northwest Ballet dancers created four cutting-edge new works for the fresh young talents of PNB School.  Jeanette's song, titled "CHOOSE"  from her CD, Walk in the Sun, was chosen as the music for one of the ballets created by one of the principal dancers.

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