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Dear Jeanette,
      Thank you for the Open Sky CD you gave me at Asilomar.  Wow! Wow! Wow!
      I have been given quite a few CDs during my speaking engagements, but none compare to yours!  The professional quality of the production, the amazing orchestration, and, of course, your wonderful melodies make this album a profoundly inspiring work of art.
      You have captured the "bittersweet" nature of life beautifully, and listening to it on the long drive back to Sedona certainly made the trip more pleasurable.

Bless you and the work you do.

  ~Steven Lane Taylor
author of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat: A Guide for Living Life in the Divine Flow"

It occurred to me that perhaps Jeanette would be interested in turning a poem of mine into a song. The very same morning that I sent my poem to Jeanette, she awoke with a brand new melody in her head   It was a perfect fit! "Through divine inspiration and divine motivation, two people---many miles apart---were synchronistically brought together to help fulfill each other's desires . . . effortlessly, and in this case, instantly."    River of Life MP3 performed by Jeanette Alexander

Jeanette is one of those unique and masterful artists who's music truly speaks to the soul. Her captivating melodies reach to the farthest depths and have the power to heal and rejuvenate. I am grateful to know such a sensitive and soulful artist and to have had the opportunity to perform with her. Thank you Jeanette for all you give through your music and for sharing your light with us all.

~Shaun Paul Diaz
Hi Jeanette.
     I'll start off by saying I love both your albums Still Point and Open Sky.  You have a wonderful style. There is piano and then there's piano.  Your music is truly beautiful. I have often listened to 'Still Point' to help me get to sleep. Beautiful melodies on both recordings.
     I hope you are working on a third project or will be soon. Please keep me up to date or what you will be producing. I will certainly look forward to hearing anything you create.
    Best wishes,

~Louise Higman
         New Morning Music/
         WUOT Radio
         Knoxville, TN
Open Sky is arresting. The musicianship and production values are so good, and the composition so creatively and flowingly interwoven that the album demands your attention. And then you are moved.
  ~Greg Wilson
          Music buyer
          Quest Bookshop
          Seattle, WA
Jeanette's wonderful new CD, Open Sky, creates the perfect mood for romance...bravo!  
~David Lanz
I am sure [Walk in the Sun] will end up in my Top 15 of 2006.
~Michael Debbage
Reviewer for
SoloPiano Publications    
       Click here to read Michael's review.
The music of Jeanette Alexander : I listened to Open Sky and Still Point. Energy flows with elegance in your music. Quietly subdued, yet powerfully empowering.
Have a great career,
~Dr. Seiji Iwata
    I have been following your career since 2000. I first experienced Geoffrey Castle and you at the Urban Onion's Valentine's Day Dinner in Olympia. I was hooked. I saw you at the St. Martin's Pavillion and attended the kick-off of your first CD, Still Point with other performances following. Recently, though, I enjoyed your talent at the Center of Spiritual Awakening Olympia's Gala and your CSA performance a couple of Sundays ago.
     I just want to tell you that your music is beautiful and so are you! I have all three of your CD's and am waiting for another one. You are so talented. I am a vocalist and I can appreciate your love of music. Keep sharing your love with us!
~Joy E Walker
Thank you for a special evening at the Liberty Project dedication on Alki Beach in Seattle on Sept. 6, 2008, You looked gorgeous performing your music on the beach as the evening sun set ever so slowly upon the horizon. Your song, “ Sun Down” was magical, the concert enchanting, and you created quite a sensation! The crowd enjoyed every minute of it!

   from Utah
      I was working late the other night and heard a cut from Still Point on my new age music server (Choiceradio.com).  It brought me back to a moment in time (a few years ago) when I was up on the Cape Breton peninsula in Nova Scotia. One of those sunset moments when I was pretty much in harmony with earth, sky & water. Your piece evidenced a profound tranquility with which I immediately identified.
My initial opinion was/is that you are one of those artists who has a rare gift, so had better get my hands on some of your work to confirm it.  If it is as good as I suspect, I will definitely reach out for a copy of Open Sky. Stay well & best regards for your career....
~Kevin Lane, NYC
I first heard Jeanette's music at the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle, WA ..even as I write this I am overwhelmed by the beauty and pure love you have put to music, and how deeply it touched me, each song, each time I play the CDs, I cannot begin to thank you for what you've done, what you continue to do. This world is a better place because of you, your talent, your gift. I thanked you for signing my CDs...you said thank you for your beautiful smile...I shall never forget that. Thank you...you are a miracle!
~M. Lager
Hi Jeanette,
My name is Debbie, and I attend CSL.  I bought your Still Point CD a couple of weeks ago when you were there.  I wanted you to know that it is the perfect music to listen to as I make my jewelry in my studio.  I listened to it for 3 hours straight the first time...and there was no feeling of repetition.  It all sounded so fresh & new & calming.  It helps ground me as I create.

  ~Debbie Z. Almstedt
Touching melodies and unbridled creativity await listeners on the new gorgeous album from Jeanette Alexander titled OPEN SKY.  'Common Ground,' one of the album's most powerful works, is like an ode to lost love and bittersweet memories. The interplay between Alexander's poignant piano melodies and the warm instrumentation of guest artists Eric Tingstad (guitar) and Nancy Rumbel (oboe) adds to the song's emotional impact.  Alexander's vivid compositions are equal parts classical sophistication and romantic abandon - beautiful flights of fancy that set the spirit free. Highly recommended!
  ~Music Design
   Your magnificent CD, "Walk In The Sun," arrived today. Beautiful music, which improves with each playing. Some recordings appeal to you on the first go. This was one of those; although, my enjoyment increased with each playing.
     Some very special melodies and little flourishes. Thanks for such a stunning addition to the music collection. I look forward to hearing the tunes played live.
     Happy holidays,
I heard a small bit of your music in London and got someone to write down the title of the CD (Still Point).  I then ordered both CDs , Still Point and Open Sky .  I finally got around to listening to them, and all I can say is WOW!!!  You really pour your heart and soul into your music.  Being a musician myself, I can really appreciate the feeling expressed in your songs.  And now that I've seen your picture, I can say that you're personally every bit as lovely as your music!  I look forward to future releases.   
  ~Binder, M . J.
     I accidentally found your CDs while looking for mood music on the internet and listened to a sample. After hearing 10 seconds of it, I knew I had to have both CDs, they were exactly the music I wanted! So that's how I first heard of you. For some reason, your name jumped out at me on the CD Baby site, as if I knew you, which is why I checked out your music.
     I played the CDs as soon as I got them, I've had them nearly a month now. I haven't stopped playing them, every night, all night long! My husband and I enjoy them so very much, they are very healing, relaxing, comforting and so beautiful! I can't thank you enough for sharing your talent for all to enjoy. I'm sure one day you will be doing a live concert in my town! I can't wait! I just ordered your newest CD, and I know I won't be disappointed.
     Thank you, God bless you and may you continue to share your heart in music with us. Best wishes,
  ~Rosie Yates
Still Point - Jeannette has developed a peaceful quality in this cd that seems to hold elements of grace, beauty, and love through heart-warming piano music. I was looking for music to play during the dinner portion of our wedding and discovered this album when searching for other albums by David Lanz and Jim Brickman. I ordered the album and it provided the backdrop for an elegantly superb dining portion of our wedding. While Jeannette is not as well known as the other artists, her music is beyond words.  The entire album is wonderful - my favorites are: "Best of Friends" (a melding of heart-felt feelings that you might imagine about your best friend)  /  "Linden" (a flowing piece that holds you with an uplifting feeling)  /  "Reunion" (to me, reflects the memory of a poignant loving moment - perhaps with a son or daughter that has now grown up)  /  "Year to Live" (a delightful "dancing inside" piece that invites you to breath)...
      Many blessings,
        ~Dave Waite
I put Open Sky in the player so I could listen while doing some work on my computer. My 14 year old, (very teenage) son was (I thought ) watching the morning news. Halfway through the first song he said, "wow, that is such beautiful music."  He said that a few times and finally walked over and asked, "who is playing that beautiful music?"  Your CD, Open Sky, is just that, beautiful music.  Thank you. I hope to hear more.
~Cynthia Topaz
Stillpoint is an exceptionally beautiful body of work. It has a poignant simplicity, and yet a deep soulfulness. I especially like the track 'Keep the Promise', and both 'Still Here' and 'Reunion' speak to me deeply. Thank
you for the gifts of your music and your beautiful artistry.

~John Deitz
Optimal Enterprise
     Phoenix, AZ

Jeanette lights up the world with her presence and her music.  She is a gift and I was inspired to write this poem, after hearing her music for the first time...
     ~John Oleson
Wings of a Dove
Music so pure
Like wings of a dove
Stilling the swill of wind
All around
Capturing a soulful yearning
For joy and heart places
A single note carries the moment
And then another, and another
Sounds that wake eternal
To a being unopened
Touching a core to deeper meaning
The music paints a canvas
Of places to soar
Places to hold
and of dreams untethered
  ~John Oleson  02/04
     The mark of a great artist is that you never get tired of reading their books, finding something new in their pictures or listening to their music.
     My wife and I still love every one of your albums. There is nothing like them with a morning coffee and a fire. You are right in our "New Age" collection beside Wayne Gratz and David Lanz.

I wait anxiously for your next work.


   ~Mike Wright
       Ottawa, Canada

You bring great joy to all that you do...it shows in your smile, stage presence, and the way you so reverently caress your keyboard as you play. You bring great JOY to all who listen! You bring joy to your playing and you bring joy and love to your interaction with your audience and to those with whom you are sharing your gifts!
     ~David Farrar
Taste of Edmonds, August 2005
Dear Ms.Alexander,

I just received a gift of your CD "Still Point"... it took my soul away! The pieces on this CD are achingly beautiful.....especially "Sunrise."  Your music is a joy to everyone who would listen!  Thank you!

  ~Sandy Yurmonovich
San Diego California
I just received your new CD 'Open Sky' and the music is incredible.  Simple words cannot express the range of emotions I experienced as I listened to your new CD, Open Sky. It moves me, inspires me and makes me believe in the possibility that once again there will be a chance for understanding, peace and love."
Daytona Beach, FL
Hi Jeanette,
I received your CDs in the mail yesterday. Listened to your new one before leaving the parking lot. The music on your new CD, 'Open Sky,' is as outstanding as it was on 'Still Point.' You are a remarkably inspired artist. I wish you continued success in all your adventures.

  ~Jim O'Brien
Kingston, WA
Dear Jeanette,

I am listening to your music every day.  You have created something exquisite!  Every song of Open Sky touches my heart, stirs it with longing, hope, melancholy, joy...   Thank you so much for bringing your music into our house.  With my blessings,

Walk in the Sun is a beautiful title and the melody gives me a very spirited feeling.  The song, Sun Down, almost gives me a country feeling.  Was this implied?  Fantastic If this was a goal, Well done!
~Yvonne Hendricks CFN, CPT

Certified Personal Trainer in Fitness & Nutrition

What I have heard sounds great! The orchestration really adds a lot to the texture. Nice job!
  ~Paul Speer
 Rainstorm Productions, Seattle, WA

I fell in love with your Still Point some time ago, and more recently enjoy your Open Sky. For what it's worth, you've got my vote for the Just Plain Folks event. Good luck with the awards, and may the stars go with you.

Daytona Beach, FL

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