About Jeanette Alexander

Jeanette Alexander is an Award-winning composer/pianist and recording artist from the Seattle area, and she now lives in San Diego, CA. She has three CDs to her name and her lovely compositions have been featured in commercials, films, radio, as well as the airlines. She began her own record label, Creative Muse Productions, in 1998 with the release of her first CD, Still Point, and has found national and international distribution, as well as licensing in Japan, Korea, and other Asian countries with her subsequent releases .

Jeanette composes music that takes the listener on a spiritual journey. Her piano style is soulful, heartfelt, emotional, tranquil and spirited. “I find that I naturally write music that touches the inner quiet of a person. It touches their heart, their hopes, and that quiet place, that Stillpoint, we all have.”

Her CDs, Walk in the Sun, Open Sky, and Still Point are national and international best sellers in Asia, as well at many retail stores, and across the USA including yoga centers, spiritual retreats, and massage centers.

Music from her Still Point album is featured in the award-winning documentary “With Honors Denied” which was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival in May 2003 in New York City. The film has also won numerous awards including a showing at the Maui Film Festival, and won Best Documentary Short at the Palm Springs Film Festival 2003 and at Newport Beach Film Festival in 2004.

Her CD Open Sky was chosen as FIRST PLACE #1 Award Winner for Best Instrumental Album at the Just Plain Folks Awards 2002 in Los Angeles . The song Setting Sail was chosen FIRST PLACE #1 Award Winner for Best Instrumental Song from the same album.

Her CDs are available through www.amazon.com and www.cdbaby.com as well as on this website. Her music has been featured on Japan Airlines, and Delta airlines and is now being distributed in Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and other foreign countries.

All her CDs involved several talented local Northwest musicians including Geoffrey Castle, producer and violinist, Grammy Award Winners Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel, Ben Smith on percussion, Garey Shelton, on bass, Traci Hoveskeland on cello (from Bottom Line Duo www.BottomLineDuo.com) and Andre Feriante on classical guitar (www.andreferiante.com)

Originally from New York City, Jeanette began to compose music and develop what is uniquely her own style of music. “The kind of music I write is a reiaction, I think, to the hectic lifestyle that is so much a part of New York City . In New York, there is so much noise.” Her influences are those of David Lanz, Yanni, George Winson, Suzanne Cianni, Will Ackerman, Jim Brickman, and Narada Artists Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel.

Jeanette performs in and around the San Diego area to promote her music and CD. She is actively promoting her music for use in film and commercials. She is available for corporate events, festivals, wedding ceremonies, and other special occasions. She performs at events either solo piano, or as a duo with a violinist and also as a trio with other musicians, on cello and percussion. She can bring along her own keyboard and portable sound system, if necessary.

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Jeanette is one of those unique and masterful artists who’s music truly speaks to the soul. Her captivating melodies reach to the farthest depths and have the power to heal and rejuvenate. I am grateful to know such a sensitive and soulful artist and to have had the opportunity to perform with her. Thank you Jeanette for all you give through your music and for sharing your light with us all.

Shaun Paul Diaz

Open Sky is arresting. The musicianship and production values are so good, and the composition so creatively and flowingly interwoven that the album demands your attention. And then you are moved.

Greg Wilson
Music buyer
Quest Bookshop
Seattle, WA

Jeanette’s wonderful new CD, Open Sky, creates the perfect mood for romance…bravo!

David Lanz

Music Influencers

From early on, Jeanette was influenced by the music of David Lanz. It was when she first heard “Cristofori’s Dream” she realized that it was her style of music too.

Much like Lanz, Alexander’s music is very melodic and well structured and “has the ability to affect the senses in a very profound and healing way.”

Similar to his music, her music too found its way into hospitals, healing centers, and homes around the country. Parents have reported its calming effects on children and adult patients with cancer, AIDS, and other life-threatening illnesses have written to her saying how it helped them.

Other influences…from living in the Pacific Northwest

Jeanette met them through David Lanz as they are all good friends. Tingstad and Rumbel perform together on “ Common Ground” on her Open Sky CD, and Nancy Rumbel performs on many of her compositions on her CDs Open Sky, and Walk in the Sun.

Grammy Award-winning artists, Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel have performed and recorded music together. Their perfect blending of Americana fingerstyle guitar, double reeds; and the ocarina lends magic to any season and fills the world with hope and beauty through the redeeming power of music.

Nancy Rumbel

Eric Tingstad

Seattle’s Tingstad and Rumbel won the GRAMMY Award in the New Age category in recognition of “Acoustic Garden” during the 45th GRAMMY Awards in Madison Square Garden. 2003