Jeanette Alexander
Award winning composer, pianist and recording artist

I’m a Musician Composer Pianist who’s devoted to creating music that creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

My piano style is very melodic, soulful, and heartfelt. The music I compose is also emotional, tranquil and spirited.

I find that I naturally write music that touches the inner quiet of a person; their heart, their hopes, and that Still Point, we all have.

My hope is that it inspires them, relaxes and soothes them all at the same time.

The music of David Lanz influenced me early on in my musical career and he and I share a similar mission. The melody is the heart of the song and my goal is to connect with the heart of the listener.

My music tells stories that are evocative bringing images, memories, or feelings to mind. I want to take the listener on a spiritual journey with my music.


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Jeanette is one of those unique and masterful artists who’s music truly speaks to the soul. Her captivating melodies reach to the farthest depths and have the power to heal and rejuvenate. I am grateful to know such a sensitive and soulful artist and to have had the opportunity to perform with her. Thank you Jeanette for all you give through your music and for sharing your light with us all.

Shaun Paul Diaz

Open Sky is arresting. The musicianship and production values are so good, and the composition so creatively and flowingly interwoven that the album demands your attention. And then you are moved.

Greg Wilson
Music buyer
Quest Bookshop
Seattle, WA

Jeanette’s wonderful new CD, Open Sky, creates the perfect mood for romance…bravo!

David Lanz

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